New Bildad
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Belief in The Holy Bible

The Bible is God's Messege to is people. It is God's word. Thus it is true and perfect.The scriptures are complete and sufficent. Nothing can be added to the Bible or ammended within the Bible. It is not outdated but a message for all times. It is very useful dealing with the cares and concernes of life that so often confuse and overwhelm us.The Bible is the final authority for Christian belief and behavior. We are comitted to the teachings and message of the Bible. God's word and wisdom far exceed any wisdom or advice from this world.

The Lord has blessed us to make improvments on our building. This picture was taken in 1977.
Upcoming Meetings:

None to announce at this time.

Please pray for these meetings that The Lord is glorified!

A Different Kind of Church

Do your thoughts ever return to the "good old days"? Does the fast paced lifestyle of today's world overwelhm you? Do you need a place of escape from the world? Perhaps there is an answer. We at this Church strive to cling to the old ways. We admit our Church is not perfect and the people who worship here are not perfect, bur we feel that we have something very special. Our method of worship is very simple. It is not fancy or decorated with the frills of this world. Our desire is to center our attention on God and His Bible taught ways and not man and his ideas. Our worship simply is singing, prayer, and preaching. Families worship together as described in the scriptures. Our goal is to have a churchbased only on the Bible. If you are searching for the old Bible paths we invite you to come and see.

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